The Devil is Real and He Wants to Play

All those who have had a sibling blame them for something, raise your hand! Now put your hand down, you look like a damned crazy person. All kids lie a little, trying to get a sibling in trouble, or trying not get themselves in trouble. I know my three year old loves to blame broken things on my eight year old, even when I catch him in the act of breaking those things.

In the case of Seed, by Ania Ahlborn, the innocent blame game is turned much more deadly. 

Oh Please Tell Us More! 

Oh okay, I know you just can’t wait to know what the story is about, so I will tell you. Our heroes, Jack and Aimee Winter, are driving along one night. Aimee and their daughter Abby are sleeping while Charlie keeps her dad company. Jack sees a menacing pair of eyes in the darkness and swerves off the road, crashing the car. From that point on, all hell breaks loose for the Winters (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Following the accident, Charlie starts exhibiting bizarre behavior, starting with Exorcist-like vomiting. She begins acting strange and distant until she becomes threatening. While out eating ice cream, she throws her own ice cream to the ground and blames it on her older sister Abby. I know, I know, that’s normal kid behavior. But Charlie is getting a little more intense than simple child games.

The family becomes terrified of Charlie and sees that something is not right. She stares at corners, says horrifying things, tells awful lies, and chases the family dog into the street for him to be run over. This little girl is evil.

Meanwhile, Jack is seeing the change in his daughter and knows what is becoming of her. He has a strange past that he tried to outrun, but it’s catching up with him in the form of his demonic daughter. Evil has followed him his entire life and it’s now after his daughter as well.

Spoiler alert! Charlie leads Abby into the woods, kills her, then kills her father before returning home to kill her mother. It’s a crazy ending, but it works.

My rating: you’ll forever wonder if the devil isn’t in your children too

I really liked this book. It sure makes me wonder if maybe my children might be slightly possessed. I liked that the devil has been chasing Jack, and probably also chased after his mother. And now he’s after Charlie. It’s a vicious cycle of killing and running. I also liked that it wasn’t like your typical demonic possession stuff. The devil kills everyone, making a game out of the whole situation. He doesn’t discriminate. He kills and drives people crazy because he can. 

The only thing that bugged me was that Jack’s story dragged on a bit. There was a lot of eluding to a dark past, but it took a while for it to come out. Other than that, I would say this book is definitely worth a read!

Let the Devil in here



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