A Zombie Book That’s Not Really About Zombies!

POW! That is the title of this book. I’ll let that sink in for a moment… ¬†

Yes, it is called POW! The Zombie Days. This is book one in a series about Peter Oliver Wonder (aka POW), written by non other than Peter Oliver Wonder. In a manner similar to John Dies at the End, the book is a crazy zombie tale told by the author in a way that has you believing the man really lived through a zombie apocalypse. Or maybe he did, in an alternate universe…

Wait, what? *spoilers ahead*

The story starts with Peter Oliver Wonder telling the reader that zombies exist and that he works as basically a zombie killer for a small town with his best friend Kyle. The two become entangled in an adventure to go see the father of the beautiful Evelyn, along with her mother Carolina. Peter and Kyle escort them to the research facility where the doctor lives, of course meeting zombies along the way.

During their adventures, Pete discovers zombies can be blown up by shooting them in the gut where excess methane gas builds up. Yes, that’s right, zombies can be blown up because of the insane amount of farts building up in their bodies. They eventually make it to the research town and discover nefarious¬†experiments happening there. Soon, they realize that the good doctor is not so good and has built a device to control zombies (in what world could that not have negative consequences?). In the end, the doctor is killed, and because his brain was connected to them all, ¬†every single zombie left alive is destroyed.

Fast forward six months and Pete owns a bar with his friends, Kyle is hooking up with Carolina (weird right?) and Evelyn has left Pete and the town behind. The girly romantic in me was disappointed in that part. Our hero decides to leave as well in search of new adventures. While on his quest, he meets beings from an alternate dimension who tell him they need his help, to which he excitedly agrees. And that’s that.

Mom’s rating: Get ready for a ridiculously addictive adventure

This book continuously grabbed my attention with all the amazingly written characters and dialogue. There’s a “Pinky and the Brain” reference and friendships that could very well be your own. They start calling the zombies “deadites”, which immediately reminded me of “The Evil Dead”. The ending with the alien beings is so crazy, and yet perfectly wraps up book one without one eye roll. You’ll see what I mean when you’ve read it! So go to Amazon and start reading book one of the POW series now.


Bite into POW here


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