A Lot of Story Packed into Few Words

The Gatekeeper is a very short story written by Kevin J. Kennedy. Don’t let the length of this story fool you though (a true case of size not being of importance). There is a lot of story here in the few words written, with a whole lot of implications.

The story follows a man who calls himself The Gatekeeper. He was approached by either Satan himself, or a demon with a hell of a lot power (pun intended) offering a wish each year as long as he performs a job once every Halloween. That job? To open the gates of Hell; no big deal. So, every year, for the past twenty years, this gatekeeper opens the door to Hell and lets out a slew of demonic entities for one night. At first, it’s hard to feel sorry for him and all the horrors he has seen. After all, he uses his wishes for self gain and never for any greater good. By the end, however, it becomes clear that he is tormented by what he is allowing to happen and knows that if he doesn’t do this job, some other poor soul will be tasked with it. I think you really get a feel for the atocities commited when he sees a demon drag a dead child back to Hell.

This was a great story. You can only imagine what craziness happens on Halloween when these monsters are loosed upon the world. The horrors this man has seen must be unparalleled. I just wish it were longer! There could be an entire novel in there that’s waiting to be written. But then I suppose the story would lose some of its impact. Sometimes short and sweet really is better.


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