So Much for Cute Bunnies and Pretty Eggs

Ah, Easter… Spring is blossoming, the flowers are starting to sprout, the snow is no longer coming down (hopefully), and the ever adorable Easter Bunny comes to visit with his colorful eggs….unless you live in the worlds of Collected Easter Horror Shorts. The visions of Easter in this book will haunt your dreams, changing the way you see the holiday altogether. The collection features stories from a lot of talented authors.

Okay, let’s just give a few bits of information for each story.

Lamb to Slaughter by Amy Cross: The World as we know it is gone and human sacrifice is back.

Sonnes Hill by Lex H. Jones: Weird town, creepy cave, ancient God.

Easter Eggs by Latashia Figueroa: Revenge sealed in an Easter Egg (plus bird monsters).

The Rebirth by Mark Cassell: Wooden egg opens up alternate, creepy dimension.

Baby Blues by Briana Robertson: A stay-at-home mom goes crazy (which many moms can relate to, to a degree). Warning: the ending is a bit rough.

Mia’s Easter Basket by Mark Lukens: There’s something wickedly fun about a really bad man being kept alive just for torture.

He Has Risen by C.S. Anderson: A horrible drunken soldier is punished amazingly by a priest during a zombie apocalypse.

The Echoes of the Bunnyman by Steven Stacy: This one is a bit rough as it is based on a true story of mass suicides. Takes on an A Nightmare on Elm Street vibe.

Killer Jelly Beans from Outer Space by James Matthew Byers: It’s a poem called Killer Jelly Beans from Outer Space. Need I say more?

Rotten Eggs by Jeff Strand: Bitchy older sister is delightfully punished by younger siblings.

A Town Called Easter by Kevin Kennedy: Humans screw with the Divine and create horrible bunny monsters that will wipe out the world.

Lord of the Dance by J.C. Michael: Think Wanted, and Morgan Freeman is God.

Easter Gunny by Peter Oliver Wonder: A story through the eyes of the family dog.

It’s Not All About Bunnies and Chocolates by Veronica Smith: If Hatchimals were actually crazy little monsters.

Last Supper by Suzanne Fox: If you’ve ever been cheated on, this one can be pretty satisfying.

Bunny and Clyde by Lisa Vasquez: This one was a little hard for me because it was about kids and death.

Magic Awaits by Christopher Motz: You’ll never bring your kids to the mall for the Easter Bunny again.

An Easter Prayer by Weston Kincade and David Christley: And you’ll never play a claw machine again. As a matter of fact, you may start a campaign to rid the world of them.

Trying to Write a Horror Story by Andrew Lennon: Like Misery, but humorous and with a better ending.

Hatch by Christina Bergling: Kid turns into giant chicken.

Sulphur by Mark Fleming: Ghost girl gets revenge on a really bad man.

Paying it Forward by Jeff Menapace: Maybe paying it forward isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

My Rating: Two Bunny Ears Up!

My favorite was Sonnes Hill. I like that it was about an ancient God who seemed mostly nice. There’s a little love story in it and I just like all that weird pagan stuff. The poem, Killer Jelly Beans from Outer Space was absolutely perfect in its oddness. Andrew Lennon took a great book, mentioned how alike his story is to it, and switched up the ending. Some of these stories were creepy, some were very satisfying, and others were a little humorous. I mean come on, killer jelly beans and giant Peeps.

This collection of stories is just awesome. There is a Christmas collection you can read now as well, and there’s another collection in the making. If you want something fresh and you don’t mind the Easter Bunny being ruined for you, get this book and read it now.

Collected Easter Horror Shorts


Collected Christmas Horror Shorts



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