Vampires That Don’t Sparkle or Suck!

Vampires…. We are a little tired of them, am I right? Look, I read The Vampire Diaries and The Twilight Saga with all the other teenage girls out there. I know, you’re rolling your eyes and judging me. Deal with it. We all loved a good vampire story! But now, just like zombies, they’ve been done to death (see what I did there?).

So, when I was asked to read through Dark Intentions, by Jonathan Edward Ondrashek, I was immediately skeptical. I was really done with sparkly vampires falling in love with humans and fighting other vampires and werewolves. You know that’s what they’re all about. But I dove in, because I am always willing to give a story a shot.

Let me try to explain without too many spoilers:

The story starts with four friends on a trip that run into real life vampires. John Ashmore, the lone survivor, makes an escape by killing the leader with none other than a wooden pencil, then mysteriously disappears. The story then jumps to the future where vampires and humans are at war with each other. The vampires seem to be winning, but a select few humans, including Brian, Keith, and Ruby, are trying to come up with a solution so that vampires don’t have to feed on live humans, thus creating a peaceful, harmonious relationship with the vampires. They make various sacrifices along the way, figuring out what it means to be human. Of course, there is drama, evil vampires, good vampires, magic, and a slight romance brewing between characters.

I realize this sounds very much like a typical vampire book so far, but I’m really trying not to give away too much! I will say this…


That’s my rating. I was so pleasantly surprised! These vampires actually don’t suck (pun totally intended!). They are described as being pale with widow’s peaks, fangs, an insatiable lust for blood. But they’re also given personalities and feelings. They also have powers which vary between them. Think “Twilight” mixed with “30 Days of Night“. And of course there is Barnaby, who is the original vampire, the Dracula of the book. You’re never quite sure how you feel about Barnaby, which is great! Throughout, you find yourself questioning whether he is truthful or completely evil. And the war scenes? They are described so perfectly, I found myself completely engrossed, imagining every swing of the machete and each pull of a trigger.

Overall, Dark Intentions is really an awesome novel. It has a refreshing storyline about vampires and humans that is addictive. I highly recommend you go buy a copy and read! I cannot tell you enough how pleasantly surprised I was by this novel. I couldn’t wait to read more each day. And now, I’m going to have to start the next book in the trilogy because Mr. Ondreshek decided to end the first book with a bit of a cliff hanger. Well played sir.

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