Twisted and Not for the Faint of Heart: A Review of Woom by Duncan Ralston

When a book’s cover says, “Warning: This is an extreme horror novel…”, you know you’re in for a treat. Now, this book is twisted and you should only read it if you’re okay with reading about truly psychologically terrifying things. Just take a look at any review of the book and you’ll see a general consensus. This book is crazy!

So What’s the Deal?

Well, the book follows two characters. A man named Angel and an escort named Shyla. They engage in some fairly explicit sexual activities while swapping sad and strange stories. In a manner similar to “Creepshow” (you remember that old movie right?), Angel recounts stories that mostly took place in room 6 of the Lonely Motel. One story is a horrific account of a woman who gives herself an abortion. Another story tells of the mutilation of a character’s manhood. There is a lot of gory detail in these tales and they all become entangled with each other, ending in a bizarre and nightmare inducing climax. I’ll give you one hint, there’s more than one meaning for the title…

My Rating: You’ll never feel the same about giving birth

So one of the first things that happens in graphic detail is the main character, Angel, throwing up. The way the act is described is so accurate and gross that I knew I was in for a ride. No one ever describes things like puking or defecating in books, and Ralston seems to do it well. Odd, yes, but it also speaks to us on some deeper, primal level. While you’re being thoroughly grossed out, you’re really relating to the situation and characters deeply, connecting with the story.

Have you ever seen the movie “Tales from the Darkside: The Movie“? There is a scene where an evil cat digs its way into a man’s mouth and pushes itself down his esophagus and into his gut. Later, it works its way back out of the man. Let’s just say that there is a scene like this in the book, but more intense and twisted. But the thing is, you know you’ve been desperate for something: a way to feel better, feed an urge, etc. Well, what happens when you give in? This book really showcases the psychotic parts of people who act on their needs. It sends shivers up your spine and digs into your brain where it hangs out, and then twists your beliefs on day-to-day experiences.

Read at you own risk! This book can be disturbing to a lot of people. But if you’re twisted yourself, and can handle some really wicked stories, this book is definitely for you.

P.S. There is a character named Chuck P. in the book. A shout out to one of Duncan’s influences, Chuck Palahniuk, perhaps?


2 thoughts on “Twisted and Not for the Faint of Heart: A Review of Woom by Duncan Ralston

  1. Thomas S Flowers says:

    I was surprised at how good Woom was, not that I doubted Duncan’s writing ability, I’ve read Salvage, I know how good he is, I doubted I would enjoy the extreme genre. But his story was captivating as much as it was nasty. Balanced and an all around page turner. Great read. Great review.


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