Roots…..Very literally they’re the bottom part of a tree that extends into the earth, anchoring it to the ground and feeding the tree.

But come on, I’m not going to write a blog about tree roots! Roots are your anchor too. Maybe your roots are within a town, a house, an apartment, a park, a moment in life. They’re what anchors you to you.

For me, my roots have extended and entangled themselves in so many areas in my life. I have roots extending to my first house as a child, my current house now, Niagara Falls where I visit frequently. I have roots in the books I read as a child and the movies I watched every week with my parents.

Many of my roots are why I started a blog. I love reading so much, and I love writing. That extends back to my youth when I read R.L. Stine and Stephen King. My favorite books are still horror and that’s largely due to my mom letting me read these books and watch horror movies from a young age. It’s something we still have in common.

My roots have connected me with many people and I feel like they’re forever expanding and collecting memories and changing me for better. Your roots make you who you are and what’s nice about them is they can change, morph, expand, contract. And while my roots have brought me this far, I know they’re going to continue making me the person I will be. Which, hopefully, is a good person and mom 😉




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